WAVACUP - Coming soon

Simple, beautiful paper lid-less cup 2 ↓ plastic waste.


Why? Wavacup?

Customers desperately want a cup which they feel they will contribute to waste reduction, while feeling great doing so. So far, it is difficult to find a cup that is both pleasant to use and environmentally friendly.

Wavacup achieves this by using a well-tested origami folding to create its own lid - an elegant integrated top. It is a breeze to fold it, hold it, drink from it, and reopen it. Oh, and it is also less likely to spill.

Restaurants will love it because Wavacup’s integrated top allows for lower shipping, storage and material costs. They will save money because the extra paper needed to make our cup is more than covered by the savings from the removal of plastic lids - Wavacup only uses 30% more paper per unit to replace the lid. Its one-piece structure is optimized for mass-production using existing traditional cup-making machines.

Please stay tuned for the graphic designs that come with the cup. Brands will benefit because the top surface and body provide opportunities for promotional graphics and logo placement.

Reducing waste is the fad.

A plastic lid is ~ 3 grams of pure plastic, and the number of cups used by Starbucks per hour is ~125 cups, the 15,607 Starbucks stores in the Americas generate 48 million kilograms of plastic waste per year through plastic lids. The more Wavacups used = the more waste we reduce.


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